Monday, March 2, 2009


Well it is march first and a slight sign of spring here in central Alberta. The snow melted and I was able to shovel it off the deck. No sign of grass yet but I'm sure a few more warmish days like today and it will pop up.
We are in our new home now and are for the most part set up. I have managed to set an area in which to do paper crafting. My new hobby! It was tough to get inspired as I have been trying for awhile. My sewing machines are not set up as my basement is occupied at the moment. So maybe it is easier for me this time around. NO distractions!!
I have found that creating with paper is very much like sewing but of course with paper. Layering, color combos and best yet my kids can join in. the boys seem to enjoy it and the baby can join in as well. He tends to color on everything (himself,the walls, the dog) Thank goodness for washable marker. LOL.
I feel that most of my cards are decent enough for a stroll on etsy.
So please take a peek in the next day or two and I will have them posted.

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