Friday, May 8, 2009

No Wheels

Finally a blog update. The last week has been crazy busy.
The etsty team I belong to had a massive sale, so I was busy tweeting and posting away.
Last week my others truck broke down, so he took my beloved mini van, for 2 weeks. It is very difficult to get around on public transit if you are not well acquanted with the new city you live in.
So I pulled out my pouch sling and braved the bus with 3 little boys. They have been surprisingly well behaved and the people that are often on the bus are interesting. All in all it has thus far been an OK experience, It does take forever to get a simple task done like 3hrs for getting 2 bags of groceries. Making it difficult to get anything accomplished at home.
Only a few more days until I get my van back so I'm sure we will all survive.

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